My passion


Camilla Bonde, that’s me, a multi-disciplinary visual designer based in Uppsala, Sweden.

I am always keen on experimenting new designs and interactions to come up with unique results. Maybe my next project is our joint one.

Please enjoy, have look at my work and get to know more about me.

Camilla Bonde

I have a personal philosophy

Life should be nice and comfortable. 

For this, I contribute to make life a little smoother by designing appealing visual communication that is simple and clear. Misconceptions are so unnecessary. 

I also want to give people pleasant experiences, especially in unfamiliar situations. Both in the physical environment as digitally online or in apps and software. 

This is why I love my job

Advertising and media are constantly and rapidly evolving. Following these trends is a big part of my job. Not only in the graphic forms and different communication strategies, but also the amazing evolution of the software I use.

Thanks to the times we live in, I can easily take in all of this, including through social media such as Youtube channels and blogs I follow. Likewise, I participate with interest in academic courses offered online by various universities around the world.

My specialties

I design visual concepts to convey my clients’ messages to their intended audience. Through the design I create visual stimuli to persuade the audience to feel something, to take action or to understand.

The aim of my mission can be both commercial or educational.

I have the overall look of the website, the user experience, usability and accessibility, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

WordPress is my web design platform. It is the most popular tool for building any type of website. It’s easy to work with and the site can evolve as my clients’ business evolves.

With a creative design strategy the result will offer the user a feeling of benefit, being user friendly and effective.

I combine text and images to create an attractive design for all types of print. This covers items such as brochures, flyers, labels, shopping bags, business cards, posters, book covers. 

A wide variety of paper and printing technologies allows me to design creative and unique printed items.

I am meticulous with the production and make sure that each result has the required quality. 

I design information that is clear and simple, yet appealing. The result should help the recipient to absorb the information in a straightforward way.

The logos I create should evoke emotions that convey the vision and image of a company or brand.

I put together the visual identity through all the images and graphic materials that will be used to distinguish my client from others.

My skills in enhancement of images consists of removal of unwanted elements, special effects, selective color change, and digital photo restoration.

With Photoshop I become a real magician.

Case Studies

various assignments over time

Favourite design projects

Since my first professional assignment in the mid-90s, I have faced many creative challenges.

Soon you can visit my portfolio. There I will present some of the clients I have worked with over the years and the design jobs I particularly enjoyed.

As an external in-house marketing department

The most enjoyable jobs are the ones when I got the opportunity to design the whole picture, from logos, colors and fonts to images and products.


Some of my work stands out a little extra

Kontigo Care


I designed the logo for the medtech start-up company Kontigo Care. The development of the company was successful. Soon the logo appeared on one of Wall Street’s big billboards as the company was listed on Nasdaq.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Information Icon

There was no icon for the devotional room at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. To complement the existing set of signs I designed an icon that, with clean lines, conveys devotion for diverse cultures.

Let's Get Started!

I love making things a little better

Please, contact me if you want to hire me for projects or discuss a collaboration. Here you can leave a message and I will get back to you shortly.