Camilla Bonde

My Story

About me

I’ve been working with printed matter and graphic elements for a long time. Nowadays I’m an experienced webdesigner too.

But this hasn’t limited me. I’ve also started up an award-winning hostel on a boat.
The goal for me is always to create visual experiences that leave the user feeling satisfied.
I like to say, in me you have a competent and trend-sensitive visual designer.

This is my workflow

The content of the modules for Print and User Interface differs in some parts but the principle is the same.

It’s all about interaction.

The aim of my work is always to make it easier for the recipients to satisfy their needs.

During the start-up of the project, I need to get to know the client and understand what they want to achieve. Together we go through the current situation and the challenges they face.

I collect the texts and images to be included and obtain the graphic profile, if any.

I also need to define the recipient, understand their needs and map the current situation.

Based on the evidence I have gathered, I sketch a wireframe of what a design might look like that satisfies the recipient or user and achieves the client's purpose.

These sketches are worked on in various stages from pure sketches to prototypes, together with the client and sometimes with representatives from the beneficiaries.

Once the flows and functions are defined, I lay the foundations for the final product.


For a website, I lay the foundations in WordPress and choose plugins that correspond to the functions found.


For a printed product, I choose the most suitable format and paper quality.


This stage can vary in extent depending on the nature of the project or the budget.

In my design work, I start from what the visual should convey. I determine the layout, colours and fonts.

I provide the direction of texts and images that may be needed to complete the result.

To enhance the experience, I work out details and aesthetic flows.

Once the web design is complete and all pages are developed in WordPress, the client receives a link to the final preview. We go through and adjust details for perfect results.

Then the client gets to approve the results and I do a final check before the site goes live. 

To finish, I give it the necessary optimization for Google.


Once the print original is ready, the client gets to go through one last time and approve the final version. I send the print file to the printer and then get a proof to approve.


To achieve the best results and to work efficiently, I use the latest software tools for the purpose.



for Wordpress

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Xd

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


computer proficiency

My goal is to give visitors and users a sense of satisfaction.
Through experiences with eye and mind.

As a visual designer, I create experiences for the eye and the mind.

Camilla Bonde

My personal summary

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with different types of companies in different industries. From small one-man businesses and start-ups to large international corporations and government agencies. This has given me unique insights into the challenges that exist in different markets.

Being open-minded and empathetic, I have an easy time understanding different needs. If they are not adequately met, I inevitably get ideas. Ideas that can be revised in the UX/UI work.

The goal that drives me to keep the UX process going is to see the optimal result.

I am careful to understand the purpose of the assignment and to understand the needs and starting point of the recipient. This appeals to my interest in people and how I can satisfy their intentions.

With insight and imagination, I find it easy to see unconventional possibilities. Therefore, I am also very enthusiastic in working out solutions and prototypes.

My way of thinking complex ideas has always been to visualize them through sketches. Therefore, with artistic vision and often applied technology, I find it easy to communicate my thoughts with others.

To then practically test functions and sequences, I use Figma.

The phase closest to my heart is the visual design. The final creation of the recipient’s experience with eye and mind. Currently, my favorite tool for completing beautiful and intuitive web design has resulted in Elementor for WordPress.


My work in graphic production has been developed for many years together with Adobe’s Creative suite. Indesign is my best friend and according to a skills assessment on LinkedIn, I’m in the top 5% of 388k who took the test.


I feel a strong commitment to innovation and am inspired by following interesting YouTube channels and blogs that address developments in visual design.


I like it when there is a lot to do. The hostel project is a good example of my ability and perseverance to succeed in what I set out to do. No matter what it’s about.

This project was a dream that I realised together with a good friend. We embarked on an adventure with no experience whatsoever in the hospitality industry.

The hostel boat had previously been in Poland and a major restoration was needed to get the accommodation approved in Sweden. I got to grips with what was required and led the practical work. I decorated the boat in a light colonial style with some well-chosen antique elements and together with our cordial welcome, a warm atmosphere was created in a unique setting.

To get into the competitive market I was responsible for marketing strategies, service and pricing. I set up booking and payment systems linked to our accommodation profiles on the major booking channels. I also developed procedures for back and front office, facilities management and continuous improvement. As part of the brand building, I also managed the recruitment of carefully selected staff, including their opportunities and needs.

In just a few months, we had established a property with frequent bookings from near and far.

The combined effort resulted in very satisfied guests from all over the world who praised us on social media and gave us top ratings on major travel sites. In the very first year, we received an award from for exceptional work on guest satisfaction in such a short time.


During the pandemic, I used the time to develop my skills through courses in design thinking and UX/UI at IHM, the University of Michigan and The University of Queensland.