Camilla Bonde

The client

Natur & Kultur

Natur & Kultur is one of Sweden’s largest book publishers. Their main range is school books. My assignments were under the marketing department.

THE Mission

Book Fair

The company was to hold a learning materials fair. To attract participants, they would give lectures with some topical people and offers. The target audience was teachers and a mailing would go to schools and teachers’ rooms. In addition to the printed material, I also would design the website where participant registration would take place.

THE Challenge

The challenge was to stand out from all the mailings that come to a school and generate interest among the teachers. In addition to exposing the lecturers, I also needed to include a large number of books. 

THE Result

I created a right angled eighth fold folder. The idea was to present different parts of the message on each page under the unfold. The final page was designed as a poster with the invitation to expose on the notice board in the teacher’s room or similar.

For a practical distribution I made an envelope in the same design with attractive offers to entice people to open it.

I created a playful design to attract attention, something that deviated from traditional book offers. It was also a design that tied in with the age of the teachers’ students.

The homepage contained the same information as the leaflet with the registration form.

Leaflet and website to promote a Book Fair

Mathematics for primary school

THE Mission

Kurre’s maths tips

To produce a booklet of tips for maths teachers to use in their teaching. This as part of branding and marketing.

THE Challenge

The challenge was to spark interest in primary school teachers and get them to use the tips. 

THE Result

I produced an 8-page booklet. I created the design with a link to the teachers’ working environment with the tips presented on stylised whiteboards. The yellow color simulates to activity.

THE Mission

SOL text book series

A mailing was to be done to promote a new religious education book. The book was part of a series of books called SOL. In Swedish, the word for sun is “sol”.

The slogan for the mailing was:

“We welcome two new stars to the SOL system”

THE Challenge

The challenge was to stand out from all the mailings that come to schools. An offer to win a class set of the book was to be included.

THE Result

I created a Qube Folded envelope to make it enticing to open it. Inside the envelope was a two-page card with information about the book. Below the card, on the inside of the envelope, I placed a text about the SOL series. 

I took the “two new stars in the SOL system” and created the design based on that. 

Text book promotion